11 Awesome Health Benefits Of Pandan Leaves

11 Awesome Health Benefits Of Pandan Leaves

Pandan or palm pine or screw pine can be grown in the garden without any gardening effort. The leaves of it usually used to combine flavor and natura

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Pandan or palm pine or screw pine can be grown in the garden without any gardening effort. The leaves of it usually used to combine flavor and natural color to several recipes.

Pandan leaves can also use for treating various health issues. It is packed with alkaloids, tannins, saponins, flavonoids, polyphenol, and other substances that can help to alleviate several diseases.

Here are the health benefits of Pandan Leaves:

Help Control Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is an ailment where your blood pressure is exceeding the normal limit of 110-120 / 90mmHg. This can be caused by different factors like age, obesity, lifestyle, stress, and food.

Pandan tea can help to reduce high blood pressure based on several studies. All you need to do was boil 3 grams of pandan leaves and 2-3 cups of water and wait until it drops on the half amount of the water. Drink pandan tea two times per day.

Pain Reliever

Pandan leaves contain laxative that can give pain relief from headache, chest pain, ear pain, and arthritis. Pandan can also lower down the stomach spasms and aid those mothers in their recovery after giving birth.

Consume pandan tea two times a day to get this benefit.

Care For Skin

Pandan leaves has tannic acids that can guard and preserve the skin on the sunburns. It contains a cooling effect and immediately treats burns wound and sunburns.

The affected region must be closed with crushed pandan leaves for several minutes.

Good For Weak Nerves

Weak nerves are produced by the decrease in nerve stimulation in certain regions of the body which can lead to irregular cramps. Consume pandan tea two times a day to give comfort and ease for those who are having a sensation of tingling and hand tremor.

Has Antibacterial Properties

Pandan leaves contain antibacterial compounds that can combat the illnesses induced by bacteria like Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli.

Escherichia oil is responsible for pneumonia, urinary tract infection, and diarrhea while Bacillus cereus causes diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Helps Treat Fever

Consuming pandan leaf tea can bring back the normal temperature of the body and help to decrease fever instantly.

Potent Anti-Cancer Herbal Solution

The aqueous extract of leaves and roots of Pandanus Odoratissimus contains antimitotic, apoptotic, antiproliferative, and cytotoxic compounds. Drinking pandan leaf tea twice per day can stop the onset of c4ncer and combat the damaging effects of toxins.

Helps Relieve Rheumatism

Rheumatism causes pain, swelling, and inflammation on the affected joints or muscle. Consume pandan tea to alleviate from its signs.

Consume 3 pieces of clean leaves and shred into pieces. Cook along with a half cup of coconut oil that has been boiled and cook until it was spread. Use it as a liniment to massage on the affected region.

Helps Treat Insomnia

Pandan leaves has alkaloid properties that can give comfort and relaxation on the body and helps you to sleep easier. Boil pandan leaves on the hot water and add one teaspoon of honey. Consume it while it was still warm.

Used For Skin And Hair Health

Pandan leaves are perfect on the hair and scalp. It can help to hide the greys in your hair and eliminates dandruff. Combine water and ten dried crushes leaves of panda to create a paste. Massage the paste on your hair. Do the process every day to nourish your hair and fully eliminates dandruff.

Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by several factors like dramatic weight loss, malnutrition, drug side effects, stress, and other health issues.

Pandan leaves can combat hair loss. All you need to do was wash and clean 1 handful of false daisy leaves, 1 pandan leaves, 10 jasmine flowers, 1 rose petal, 5 plum aralia leaves, and 10 leaves of hibiscus leaves. Mix them all in a pot of aluminum and mix half cup of sesame oil, coconut oil, and hazelnut oil. Boil the solution until it simmers and strains it. Put the mixture each night on your scalp and hair and use a warm towel to cover it. Use cold water and shampoo to wash it off the following day. Do this method 2-3 times a week for getting the results.

Another Easy To Make Pandan Tea Recipe

All the things that you needed:

Water – 3 cups

Pandan leaves – 3 pieces

Sliced ginger – 4 or 5

Cardamom – 3 pieces


Boil pandan leaves along with 3 cups of water and mix all of the ingredients except honey. Boil around 8-10 minutes. Put it on the glass and combine honey for additional flavor.

Combine the solution.